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Sharm el-Sheikh

and neighbouring Na’ama Bay cater more for package groups than independent travellers. Built around two principal bays, both famous for snorkelling and diving, the area has plenty of facilities and entertainment, top-class hotels and shopping malls. Budget accommodation is available in Shark’s Bay, around 12km northeast of Na’ama Bay.

marsa alam

The rather nondescript town of Marsa Alam is nothing more than a few scattered buildings surrounding a large army base, though this is set to change in the years to come. The area has been targeted as the site of the massive new Port Ghalib marina and resort complex being constructed near Marsa Alam airport which,opened, will give tourism in the region an entirely different profile



Most of Saqqara, except for the Step Pyramid, was buried in sand until the mid-19th century, when the great French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette uncovered the Serapeum. Since then, it has been a gradual process of rediscovery: the Step Pyramid’s massive funerary complex was not discovered until 1924 .Pyramid’s massive funerary complex was not discovered until 1924 .